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Henrique Martins'

Digital Healthcare Systems

Find visions, papers and help to move to new Healthcare. From Citizens/Patients to Pharma, Doctors, Nurses, Health Managers and IT companies...and academics. All are needed for new HEALTH and CARE. Click on NEW CONCEPTS to think new, VISIONS&PUBLICATIONS& read, and watch videos, FOR YOU for my teaching, speaking and consulting services. And on DIGITAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS if you want to understand how health and care will be transformed and should be transformed with digital health in 2020 and after that.

Welcome to my new BLOG, feel free to comment and write.... just lauched this on 19th Oct 2020... 

My Services

My Services


Management and leadership education for your organization


Technology Diplomacy services

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eHealth Strategy development and follow-up.

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“A good teacher is he/she who makes the student better than him or her”


H. Martins 2001


Healthcare Transformation is about Digital Health as much as systemic transformation.

master ai


Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity should always be mastered by human minds.

"A "fail-fast", "à-Gil" approach, emotional leadership and fun are key to Digital Health" H. Martins 2020

in Digital Healthcare Systems,

English Portuguese and others

I am a Portuguese native speaker. This website is in English so more people in the world can read it. I can understand French and Spanish. Six months of German and Mandarin allow me to respect these languagues and cultures, but thank you to translation softwares!

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