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Healthcare Transformation is about Digital Health as much as systemic transformation.


Having lead the digitalization of many processes in Portuguese healthcare over the last 10 years, I know how to guarantee implementation strategies, from hospital based projects to nationwide systemic change. eHealth in Portugal is an asset that is making the difference today. We got there through digitalizing many aspects of national level functions and pushing local and regional organizations to do the same.

eHealth/Digital Health implementation does not just happen, this is a demanding exercise, but one that can follow a methodology. Here is mine:

6-ware framework™

Henrique Martins

Digital Healthcare Systems


Hardware (WHAT?)


Software (HOW?)


PeopleWare (WHO?)


LocalWare (WHERE?)


IntegraWare (WHEN?)


UserWare (WHY?)


If you analyse these 6 dimensions with the 5 implementation stages you get a busy but very useful matrix of 30 cells where to focus all your attention. If you like to know and use, let me know.











Read more about my vision for future healthcare in Digital Healthcare Systems. I know this change does not just happen, it is a long road… but, there are a few useful tips and shortcuts. Knowledge of medicine, management, technology and law, provided in a single mind, might help you and your organization get there… If you like content-rich consulting and are tired of Slide Presentations let me know. 

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