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Technology Diplomacy services.


Increasingly countries and organizations must cooperate and co-create integrated eHealth solutions. From Cross-border needs, to cross-organizations. Setting up a mature Digital Health Organization is becoming easier the challenge is now building interoperable ecosystems of multiple organizations in the same country. If you are working at national level, or for a large international conglomerate, you may find the need to foster cooperation, joint efforts, harmonization and standardization. It is difficult, but fertile. I can help mediate and stimulate it.   

Tele-medicine and tele-health are interrelated areas. I have worked in government and with government officials to educate and launch guideline setting, financing schema and a national tele-health center, pillars that are fundamental for a National Telehealth Strategy. Only an integrated tele-health strategy is capable of delivering both services (needed today) and innovation to reach Digital Healthcare Systems (for tomorrow)  

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