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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity should always be mastered by human minds.


If cybersecurity seems something techy, or away from hospitals, clinics, and ministries of health leaders. If AI seems cool – “let us have something using it”. If the Internet of things (IoT) and Robotics seems attractively modern, but you have no plans for them. I suggest, you get techy… and get on board, but with a broad and board mindset. That will make the difference between you and your organization/country following others or be followed by them.


In 2008, at Hospital Fernando Fonseca, I conceived Nando – the first Child Guiding robot in Portugal and possibly in Europe (check this youtube video). In 2018, I started the national Robotics unit at SPMS - the eHealth Agency in Portugal.  

I created and oversaw the Portuguese Health Cybersecurity Unit, promoted a written national health cybersecurity strategy, and launched in 2019 the European Cybersecurity in Health Group, and lead the Cybersecurity workstream at the Global Digital Health Partnership.

These technologies and topics need a human centric approach, their development, not just their use, should be lead by Health people. Why? Because we know how to care.


I think defining strategies and progressive experimentation plans are key solutions. 

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